Project Brief

With adequate medical background, the client asked for us to design a project to support the development of ‘medical tourism’ in their home town in the northern part of Gujarat; Palanpur. The idea was to invite doctors from all parts of the country and all fields to come together and practice under one roof.

The challenge was to provide for infrastructure and amenities in a manner which could give a freedom to buy and sell in various separate sizes. Hence, the design focused on a module, which would give an option to the buyer to buy just a small space on a floor or buy the floor or, in a rare case, buy the entire building. Any of these options should provide the buyer access to services such as ducts, stretcher lifts, stairs and so on.

The entire project is surrounded by vehicular roads to provide quick access to emergency vehicles, while the project itself surrounds a pedestrian area including a central garden, which is big enough to host large scale product launches, and a common building which includes the administration, various conference centers, a restaurant and a gymnasium.


2014 –






Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Stores, Pharmacies and other supporting functions.


Under Construction


3,50,000 Sq.Ft


Medipolis LLP

Design Team

Manish Doshi, Hardi Amin, Heli Mistry