Project Brief

Factory for HIFAB Aluminium is a project for a big industry for an already successful aluminium products vendor, who was starting up on uPVC products as well. The project had very specific requirements regarding the kind of machinery coming in and the amount of space required to store raw materials.

The factory is a single volume spanning across almost 40,000 sqft and consisting of majorly two parts, namely Aluminium and uPVC. Skylights are provided to keep the entire space well lit during the day. There is a small admin space in the factory as well near the entrance. Above the admin, space was provided for various windows manufactured in the factory but this has since been shifted to The Window Factory on SG highway. In front of the industry near the highway, a large open garden space has been provided  for yearly gatherings and this is where the workers have lunch on pleasant days.


2104 – 2015


Ahmedabad (Outskirts)




Factory and Admin




36,090 Sq.Ft


Ashit Vora, Hifab Aluminium

Design Team

Manish Doshi, Bharat Prajapati

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