Project Brief

Situated in one of the suburbs of Ahmedabad, DV penthouse is an apartment on the top most floor of one of the posh societies of the area. Being an interior design project, not much has been changed in the directionality and size of the spaces and openings. All the play is in the materiality of the project and understanding how two materials should come together.

Flooring was a very important beginning point to the project. Stone was used as the main material throughout the house with brass, wood and cement tile inlays in different manners. Depending on the space and furniture placement, the flooring pattern would change completely along with what inlay happens and in what manner it happens.

With that monolith stone flooring, a heavy 7” skirting was used with the same stone such as to give a heavy base to the insides. On which a neutral grey is used to create a sense of a light mass on top of the stone. Wood highlights are used in the furniture as well as smaller details such door jambs and railings to give a warmth to an otherwise cool palette.

All the washrooms use a completely black granite base palette with subtle highlights of a different stone and metal in each. While the exteriors (terrace and balconies) also use a black base with wooden highlights.


2017 – In Progress






Family Home


Under Construction


2,500 Sq.Ft


Devang Vyas

Design Team

Malay Doshi, Nirali Patel, Brinda Panchal. In collaboration with Compartment S4

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